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The private capital (unlisted) market is inaccessible and inefficient. And the big wealth creation in this market have been reserved for the selected few. But we are about to change that! We are on a bold purpose to disrupt the unlisted market to democratise both entrepreneurship and wealth creation. Pre-register to our community to support the movement!
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The platform to raise, invest, earn and unite as a community around equity.

The unlisted market is under-digitalised and we are all somewhat victims of the effects of that, whether you represent a company, an investor or simply yourself on an individual basis.


We understand your pains:
Ownership structures are complex.  
Lack of resources and liquidity.
Fundraising is hard and time-consuming.


The unlisted market is painful as it is:
Closed and non-transparent.
Manual and network based.
Complicated and riskful.
Ineffective and illiquid.


It is simply unfair:
Equity is simply inaccessible to most people. Period.

Why does it matter?

Global capital markets have shifted. The increasing capital flow into the private capital market has led to private companies staying private longer. Hence the biggest wealth creation is captured on a few hands before the companies are listed and available to the public.  Wealth is built through equity. The current workings of the market are increasing the wealth inequality gap. This is what we are building the platform to fix and WHY our slogan is  “Equity for all!”.
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