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Company ownership structures, management and fundraising are complicated, time consuming and fraught with risk. We help you do it right from day one.

Oh, and we are building one of the world's leading networks of investors for you to meet...

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Company ownership done right!
- in one platform

Whether it's legal compliance, employee stock ownership plans (ESOP), fundraising, due diligence or general ownership management. The platform we are building simplifies all of the processes, leaving you to do what you do best.

Ownership structure

A well thought through, optimised and documented ownership structure can be a key factor when building a successful company. And to be able to raise the required capital. Use Unlisted to reduce time and resources spent on structuring and administration this, all while keeping full compliance on your company's ownership.

Secure investment

Firstly, a transparent and optimised ownership structure is key to secure investors. Fact. We also know what other things that attracts investors, how to display this and how to build trust over time. By using Unlisted, your company can be matched with the right investors at any time. So that you can secure capital faster.

Equity management

We are digitising  company ownership activities to make company managers and owners life easier. Increase automation, efficiency, control, and transparency while reducing  admin burden. Manage Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP), Investor relations and company governance. All while making fundraising easier.

How to get started

Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP)

A solid company ownership structure starts with a well though through ESOP plan. Let us help you implement best practices, while saving you cost on lawyers, accountants and admin.
- So that you can build a kick-ass team and company!
Attract talent
Real talent know
their worth
Motivate team
Ownership  align
and motivate
Retain the best
Ownership retain talent through tough times
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Raise capital faster

We are building an investor matching tool so that you can meet your ideal investors and secure capital faster. Register to get first access to our growing investor network

Set and achieve goals with ease

Unicorns helps you retain customers by streamlining your post-sales service and shortening response times.

Trusted by 10K+ industry leaders

We are just getting started!
We are building a truly unique platform where people can unite around equity in new ways.
Allowing more people to build their own financial wealth

More Useful Tools

We have so many nifty tricks up our sleeve to make your workflow management more efficient.
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Coordinate with your team

All your work in one seamless workspace for easy collaboration

Monitor timelines

Check status against projected timelines and never miss a deadline

Share insights

With all your data in one place, share cross-departmental insights

Hit all your goals

You'll start looking forward to all your monthly reviews

Get the chance to receive free stock! 🎉

Pre-register for the launch of the full platform experience today to get early access! - And get the chance to receive free stock! Insane, we know... But that is how we roll
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