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Information is king, but very often unavailable or outdated as the unlisted market is manual and non-transparent.  

Effectively managing deal flow can be daunting, but missing out on a great deal is straight out painful!   

Unlisted are digitising  the unlisted capital market and company ownership activities, opening the world for automated scouting and real time portfolio company updates.

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Knowledge is king & the key to perfect timing
- Kaching!

The unlisted market is non-transparent, based on manual work and personal networks. Not to mention complicated, risky, and illiquid. This is about to change. Unlisted are tackling these challenges head on by building the world's leading global platform and marketplace for the unlisted market. The platform gives you a full overview of your investment portfolio, automated performance reporting and tailored deal flow so you can have all the  insight you need to make data-driven decisions.

Live Data

Unlisted's powerful data platform gathers a ton of data-points to give you live and full overview over the unlisted market.


The platform acts as a 24/7 tailored scout, so you don't miss out on exclusive fundraising events or spend time on investigating irrelevant deals.


We're digitising company ownership activities, so that you have live and full overview of your unlisted portfolio. While simplifying portfolio admin and reporting.

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Never miss out on a great deal again! 

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We are just getting started!
We are building a truly unique platform where people can unite around equity in new ways.
Allowing more people to build their own financial wealth

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Pre-register for the launch of the full platform experience today to get early access! - And get the chance to receive free stock! Insane, we know... But that is how we roll
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