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Our mission

Our mission is to build the leading global platform for the unlisted market! - This will be the enabler to succeed with our vision.         

Our vision

Our vision is to democratize entrepreneurship and wealth creation!                                     
- We want to make it easier for entrepreneurs to success with their dreams
- We want everyone to get access to the big value creation in the unlisted market

Employee Stock
Ownership Plans

Clean ownership structures secure investors and help retain talent long term. As a first step to democratize wealth creation and make entrepreneurship more accessible, we help companies structure and implement ownership incentive plans (ESOPs) to engage, motivate and grow as the best.
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Employee Stock
Ownership Plans

Our first step is to make Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP) easier to structure, implement and administrate.  There are few things more powerful as a company to get this right, as it drives motivation, alignment, and foster a thriving team spirit.
And an ideal ownership structure is also key to securing investments from investors, which is our second step on helping you succeed.
Do things right from the beginning - talk to us to see how we can help!
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Here's what our customers say

Faster Responses
Increase in ARR
Ownership structures were a real pain to us!

«We were warned about the related risks, so we wanted to do the right things from the beginning. But this domain is so complex and there are so many factors to consider.
Luckily, we met Unlisted which guided us through this process - so now we have a solid structure we can scale with and an effective software to administrate this.»

- Hege Fiskå
Faster Responses
Increase in ARR
Working with Unlisted as an independent advisor that knows the trade-offs for different alternatives was priceless when working on aligning stakeholders on new employee stock ownership plans for the company.

- Simon Sakkestad

We are just getting started!
We are building a truly unique platform where people can unite around equity in new ways.
Allowing more people to build their own financial wealth

Connecting founders, investors and their teams

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