We help companies design, implement, and administrate Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP) like professionals.

So that you can hire, motivate, and retain a kick-ass team to beat your competition.
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Best practices ESOP

Plan for success and build an ownership incentive program according to best practices

Smooth Implementation & maximum motivation

Smooth implementation, effective communication, and motivational dashboard

Effective administration & full control

Save a ton of time and money while being both in compliance and have complete control

Avoid the typical mistakes many makes

Ownership structures are complex and overwhelming, and it is risky to mess this up, yet too many companies do.
Don´t be like those who end up:
With too many passive owners
A non-fundable cap table
In a tax or liquidation squeeze
A ton of manual administration
With a misaligned team
Excessive lawyer, accountant, or consultant bills
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“We believe all entrepreneurs deserve to focus on what they do best and grow their companies.”

Experts for you

That is why we have gathered a group of experts in the field of equity, ownership structures and investments to build a one-stop platform to help you do just that!

Join Unlisted today and we will help you structure the company ownership according to best practices while stay compliant and funding ready! We may even help you with investors afterwards
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How we help you succeed


We help you design an effective ownership program for your company according to best practices. Whether it is for employees, board members or other contributors.


The motivational dashboard and events log will keep your plan receivers motivated and informed on the progress.


All while staying up to date, in full control and in compliance thanks to the automated actions and documents center.


And the Unlisted platform allows you to smoothly implement and effectively communicate the plan values to the plan receivers.


The software will significantly reduce administration burden, saving you both precious time and money.

Start with 3 simple steps


Talk to an expert and design your ownership incentive program


Smoothly implement the program through the Unlisted platform


Effectively administrate the program through the Unlisted platform

Our promise to you

Free first consultation
Offer for experts’ guidance to set up your employee stock ownership plans
Try out the Unlisted platform
Scale with the platform and select the plan most appropriate for you at any time
Beat your competition
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Set and track organization to individual-level goals
Monitor timelines and match them against departments
View all your data in one place at the same time
Make real-time decisions
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Here's what our customers say

Ownership structures were a real pain to us!

We were warned about the related risks, so we wanted to do the right things from the beginning. But this domain is so complex and there are so many factors to consider.

Lucky we met Unlisted which guided us through this process - Now we have a solid structure we can scale with and an effective software to administrate this.
- Hege Fiskå
CEO, Kakadu
Very good work! It was exactly what we needed - 10 out of 10!

Working with Unlisted as an independent advisor that knows the trade-offs for different alternatives was priceless when working on aligning stakeholders on new employee stock ownership plans for the company.
- Simon Sakkestad
CEO, Masterblaster

What you get

You get all of this and the confidence that you are operating according to best practices, while we help you stay in compliance.
Expert guidance on building employee stock ownership plans
Smooth plan implementation
Digitally sign ownership incentive plan agreements
Motivational dashboards for you plan receivers
Effective administration related to exercising etc
Accounting information
Action center and notifications
Documents center
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